My Last Duchess - Edexcel GCSE 9-1 - Poetry - Relationships cluster

Poet's name
Robert Browning
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Date the poem was written
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Key Point
Poem shows the power and control that can occur in relationships, particularly in the hidden side of political relationships.
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Specific form / type of poem
Dramatic Monologue (like many of Browning's poems)
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Context (interests)
The poem reflects Browning's love for history and European culture that was also expressed in some of his other poems
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Context (Influences)
Browning was heavily influenced by books and the poet Shelley who had strong political views - much like Browning's work.
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2 language features (subject terminology)
Possessive pronoun,,,,,,,,,,,, Alliterative sibilance
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3 Form/ structure features (subject terminology)
Iambic Pentameter,,,,,,,,,, One. 56 line stanza,,,,,,,,, Starts and ends with a possession
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Possessive pronoun
"my" - Shows controlling tendencies and unimportance
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Alliterative sibilance (line 43 and 46)
"oh sir she smiled" and "all smiles stopped" - things went smoothly (plan to kill her)
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Significance of the number 56
Number 56 is linked in numerology with freedom in relationships, which it seems that the Duke of Ferrara did not agree with, thus why he killed his "last duchess"
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Start and ending possession quotes
"my last duchess painted on the wall",,,,,,,,,,, "Claus of Innsbruck"
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What to compare 'My Last Duchess' with?
'La Belle Dame Sans Merci'
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