My Father Would Not Show Us- Edexcel GCSE 9-1 - Poetry- Relationships cluster

Poet's name
Ingrid De Kok
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Date the poem was written
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Key point
Reflects on the character of the father and how it affected the author/ narrator
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Context (politics)
Political poet, focused on the apartheid regime in South Africa - where she grew up
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Context (Type of poem)
This poem is different from her normal work but links to her poem about childhood fears 'Frightened of The Dark'
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2 language points (subject terminology)
Alliteration (line 1&2),,,,,, Ambiguous language (particularly 4th Stanza)
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3 form/ structure points (subject terminology)
Anaphora,,,,, Short lines and Stanzas that grow gradually,,,,, Free verse
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Alliteration quote (line 1&2)
"Father's face/ five days dead"
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Ambiguous language in the 4th Stanza
"This is the last time I am allowed/ to remember my childhood as it might have been" "My Father's wry smile, his half-turned face"
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"My Father would [could] not show us"
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Effect of free verse
Shows an awkward relationship OR one that flows and each person has independent freedom
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Effect of short lines and stanzas (that grow gradually)
Understanding of family relationships and deaths is developing and how their love may have grown over time
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What to compare 'My Father Would Not Show Us' with?
'A Child to his sick Grandfather'
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