La Belle Dame Sans Merci - Edexcel GCSE 9-1 - Poetry - Relationships cluster

Name of Poet
John Keats
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Date poem was written
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Key point
Offers a warning about infatuation and shows the obsessive, merciless side of love
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Specific form / Type of poem
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Context (era and beliefs)
Romantic poet, focused on love and beauty
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Context (love life)
Keats was in love with a local woman but could not be with her as her family disapproved
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Context (illness)
Keats was dying of TB and became very pale and feverish (link to poem)
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3 language points (subject terminology)
Pronoun "her" ,,,,,,,, Seasonal imagery ,,,,,,,, Alliterative sibilance
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3 form/ structure points
12 quatrains,,,,,,,, Cyclical structure,,,,,,,,, Iambic tetrameter
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Pronoun "her"
To beautiful so uses a pronoun and metaphor "A Faery's child",,,,,,,,,, Supernatural
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Seasonal Imagery
"cold". "no birds". ,,,,,,,, "harvests done",,,,,,,,, "rose". "garland". "roots"
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Alliterative sibilance in Stanza 7 (Quote)
"sure in language strange she said"
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Significance of 12 quatrains
12 stanzas may link to 12 months in a year and 4 lines in each stanza may link to the approximate 4 weeks in a month
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Cyclical structure (quote)
"Alone and palely loitering",,,,,,, "sedge is withered from the lake",,,,,,,,,,, "and no birds sing" ------ pathetic fallacy
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Significance of Iambic Tetrameter
Creates a sad, funeral like tone that links to death and grief
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What to compare 'La Belle Dame Sans Merci' with?
'My Last Duchess'
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