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2. What is a pedal?

  • The tonic pedal
  • A held note in the bass part through several bars (tonic pedal)
  • Not sure
  • A long note played in the bass part
  • A short note played through the bass part through several bars

3. What is a Polyphonic texture?

  • Two or more melodic parts at the same time
  • Single melody line with no accompaniment
  • Not sure
  • Melody part with accompaniment
  • A lot of melody parts

4. What key is it in?

  • C major
  • A major
  • D minor
  • A minor
  • B major
  • Not sure
  • E minor
  • C minor

5. What is Forte?

  • Loud
  • Not sure
  • Quiet
  • Slow
  • Soft


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