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Rhythm and Metre

  • Pulse
  • Simple and Compound time
  • Regular, Irregular and free
  • Augmentation, Diminution, Hemiola and Cross-rhythm
  • Dotted rhythms, Triplets and Syncopation
  • Tempo and Rubato
  • Polyrhythem and Bi-rhythm
  • Drum fills
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Harmony and Tonality

  • Diatonic and Chromatic
  • Consonant and Dissonant
  • Pedal and Drone
  • Cadences: Perfect, Plagel, Imperfect, Interrrupeted and Tierce de Picardie   
  • Identification of major, Minor and Dominant seventh chords using Roman numerals/chord symbols
  • Tonal, Major, Minor and Modal
  • Use and Identification of key up to 4 sharps and 4 flats 
  • Modulation
  • To Dominant/Subdominant in Major or Minor 
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Texture and Melody

  • Harmonic/Homophonic, Polyphonic/Contrapuntal
  • Imitavite, Canonic and Layered
  • Unison,Octaves, Single melody line, Melody with accompaniment and Antiphonal
  • Intervals within the octave 
  • Conjunct, Disjunct, Triadic, Broken Chords, Scalic and Arpeggio
  • Passing notes, Acciaccaturas, Appoggiaturas
  • Blue Notes
  • Diatonic, Chromatic, Pentatonic Whole tone and Modal
  • Augmentation, Diminution,Sequence and Inversion
  • Slide/Glissando/Portamento and Onamentation
  • Ostinato and Riff
  • Phrasing and Articulation
  • Pitch bend
  • Improvisation
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Timbre and Dynamics

  • Instruments and voices singly and in comination as found in music for solo instruments, Concertos, Chamber groups, Pop and Vocal music
  • Generic families of instruments as found in world music 
  • Timbre, Including the use of technology, Synthesied and Computer- generated sounds,Sampling, and use of techniques such as reverb distortion and chorus
  • Instrumental techniques including Con arco/with bow, Pizzicato/plucked, Con sordino/muted, Double-stopping, Tremolo/Tremolando
  • Vocal techniques such as falsetto and vibrato 
  • Gradation of dynamics as follows:
  • pp, p, mp, f, ff
  • Cresc., Crescendo, Dim., Diminuendo
  • sfz, sforzando
  • "hairpins"
  • Common signs, Terms and Symbols
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Structure and Form

  • Binary, Ternary, call and response
  • Rondo, Theme & Variations and Arch-shape
  • Sonata, Minuet & trio, Scherzo & trio
  • Strophic, Through-composed, Da capo aria ad Cyclic
  • Popular song froms
  • Ground bass, Continuo and Cadenza
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  • Chord V and Chord I = Perfect
  • Chord IV and Chord I = Plagel
  • Chord I, II or IV and Chord V = Imperfect 
  • Chord V and Any chord excpet I, ( usually Chord VI) = Interrupted 
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