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definition of monophonic
a single melody line/tune played by many people
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definition of polyphonic
Many melody lines/tunes, many rhythms played by many people
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definition of homophonic
Many melody lines/pitches but only ONE rhythm played together
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definition of ostinato
a musical phrase (tune or rhythm) repeated over and over during a composition
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definition of imitation
copying the tune or melody of another instrument or vocal part
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definition of sequence
several repetitions of a melodic phrase in different pitches - moving up or down by step
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definition of ternary form
A - B - A (3 sections with the first and last the same)
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definition of binary form
a musical form consisting of two units (A and B) constructed to balance and complement each other
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definition of rondo form
Structure takes the form of A B A C A etc
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definition of strophic form
a song form in which the music composed for the initial stanza of text is repeated for each additional stanza (often with a chorus in between
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definition of variation form
Structure consisting of an initial theme (A) and a series of variations placed after it. Usually A, A', A'', A''' etc. Each variation varies one of the Elements of music slightly
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definition of major
a key whose harmony is based on the major scale which sounds happy
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definition of minor
a key based on the minor scale which sounds sad or depressing
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definition of sonata form
The form most often used for the 1st movement of large works like symphonies and concertos. It is a large 3-part form, usually with an Introduction, Exposition (A), Development (B), and Recapitulation (A), with a coda to end.
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definition of chromatic movement
motion by half steps; also describes harmony or melody that employs some of the sequential 12 pitches (semi-tones) in an octave - Chromatic nates are notes not in the key
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definition of timbre
quality of a musical tone produced by a musical instrument (which distinguishes it from others of the same pitch)
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definition of tempo
the speed at which a composition is to be played
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definition of texture
the interweaving of melodic and harmonic elements in the musical "fabric". It can be transparent, dense, thin, thick, heavy, light - Polyphonic, Homophonic, Monophonic etc
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definition of structure
The way different sections a placed one after another - Binary Form, Ternary Form etc
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definition of silenct
Rests placed in music
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definition of dynamics
how loud or soft the music is
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definition of duration
The note lengths placed together to produce different rhythms - dotted rhythms, syncopated rhythms, repetitive rhythms, regular rhythms
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definition of pitch
High and Lowness in music
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The regular or irregular BEAT in the music - relates to time signatures - 3 time, 4 time etc
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Music that only uses a scale with five-pitches
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the notes or chords ending a section of music with a feeling of conclusiveness
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plagal cadence
a IV - I cadence (frequently ending church music - sounlds like 'Amen') - (a fullstop cadence)
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perfect cadence
the chordal progression of dominant to tonic i.e. V-I (a fullstop cadence)
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A long note held in the bass part
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Getting quieter
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getting louder
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no key
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Electronically making the instrument or voice sound like it is in a large room - reverberating
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