Muscular system roles

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1. What are flexors and extensors?

  • Muscles that stabalise joints and limbs whilst no movement is occuring
  • Muscles that shorten and straighten under contraction to move limbs
  • Muscles that work with and against each other to bend or straighten limbs
  • Muscles that move limbs towards and away from the body in pairs
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2. What is the difference between a concentric and eccentric isotonic contraction?

  • Eccentric muscles lengthens whilst Concentric muscles shortens
  • Eccentric muscles contract whilst Concentric muscles relax
  • Eccentric muscles bend a limb whilst Concentric muscle straighten a limb
  • Eccentric muscles move a joint whilst Concentric muscles stabalise a stable joint

3. What are the two types of muscular contractions?

  • Concentric and Eccentric
  • Isometric and Isotonic
  • Flexor and Extensor
  • Adductor and Abductor

4. What are adductor muscles?

  • Muscles that lengthen
  • Muscles that move limbs towards the body
  • Muscles that shorten
  • Muscles that move limbs away from the body

5. What are abductor muscles?

  • Paired muscles that work to move limbs away from the body
  • Muscles that work to move limbs toward the body
  • Muscles that bend or straighten a limb/joint
  • Muscles that shorten and lengthen under contraction


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