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  • The role of the muscular system.
    • Muscular System
      • Muscles and movement - this allows to move body parts, stabilize joints when movement is happening and protects you vital organs.
        • Muscles fall in to 4 different categories
          • Flexors - the muscle that bends a limb at a joint by contacting.
          • Extensors - the muscle works with and against the flexors and that straightens a limb at a joint contracting.
          • Adductors - the muscles that move a limb towards the body.
          • Abductors - the paired muscles for abductors, which move a limb away from the body.
      • Contractions.
        • Isotonic contractions - these can be concentric or eccentric.
          • Concentric - when thee muscle shortens eg. the bicep in the arms.
          • Eccentric - when the muscle gradually lengthens and returns to its normal length and shape.
        • Isometric contractions - no actual movement of either limb or the joint because the muscles are working to keep the joint stable.


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