Much Ado About Nothing: Act Two

A quiz on Act Two of Much Ado About Nothing.

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1. What do the men say Benedick will do if he finds out Beatrice is in love with him?

  • Mock her
  • Shout at her
  • Court her
  • He won't do anything
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2. Which of the following does Benedick not want care about in a woman?

  • Hair colour
  • Beauty
  • Intelligence
  • Wealth

3. What does Beatrice say that hurts Benedick?

  • He's Don Pedro's jester
  • He's Don Pedro's slave
  • He's a virgin
  • He's illiterate

4. Who is Borachio going to convince to join their scheme?

  • Benedick
  • Margaret
  • Beatrice
  • BalthasarW

5. When are Hero and Claudio getting married?

  • In a month
  • In a week
  • In a day
  • In a year


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