Much Ado About Nothing: Act Two

A quiz on Act Two of Much Ado About Nothing.

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1. What is Don Pedro's plan?

  • To make Benedick and Beatrice fall in love
  • To kill Benedick and Beatrice
  • To make Benedick and Beatrice bitter enemies
  • To marry Benedick and Beatrice without them knowing
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2. What does Don Pedro do after Beatrice jokes about how she's the only one without a husband?

  • He slaps her
  • He courts her
  • He proposes
  • He kisses her

3. What does Beatrice hint at?

  • Benedick joined the army because of her
  • She and Benedick used to love each other
  • She was pregnant with Benedick's child
  • She became cellibate because of Benedick

4. What does Beatrice compare courting to?

  • A Scotch jig
  • A measure
  • A waltz
  • A ciquepace

5. What does Beatrice compare repent to?

  • A measure
  • A cinquepace
  • A waltz
  • A Scotch jig


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