Act 1 Murmuring Judges Hare

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  • Murmuring Judges Act 1
    • Act 1 Scene 1 Courtroom - exposition panic Gerard. Young appearance incompatible with mess. CJS regards him stuff
      • powerless wealth/luxury
      • Soliloquy lighting short minor sentences long stage directions emotive
    • Act 1 Scene 2 exposition S p, raffish = work. 'crestfallen' competition 'sly' womaniser look good. Irina 'green dress' oppressed. Doesn't talk much doesn't agree/ new
      • power 1 mill, sexist 'assets'  resistance to change context secretaries wanted it - green dress symbolic
      • Irony 'edith piaf 'no regrets', double entendre 'assets' dominate dialogue impassive = reltable
    • Scene 3 exposition all- Irina smart 'walks confidently' chose her place to defend. strong 'didn't say sorry' Woody relatable 'cockney' likes playing power
      • Injustice sp treats Irina wrong, agism, sexismwants look good exploited
      • smooth scene change, emotions Irina new vulnerable+ relate. Humour 'pile ****' Foreshadowing ie. woody saying time/ place all young lawyers take stand
    • Scene 4 feel sorry Gerard prison overcrowded (strangewats> woolfe report) full of violent criminals. Clothes = don't fit in with prison
      • injustice 'd wing full of lifers' family punished too 'son had downs' overcrowding
      • Bathos ' belt... tea' build up life or death then trivial Humour 'Charlie Chaplin + dark humour 'clap'
      • Pathos- feel sorry Gerard lost his dinner
    • Act 1 Scene 5 police. Sandra fast tracked. Mundane reality. Barry duplicitous (two faced) canteen culture. No trust ie. Sandra dad 'dickheads'  police use tactics
      • Abuse police get reality no trust. Racism Jimmy Abdul Seism canteen culture
      • lighting aware activity but focus on Sandra. Breaks fourth wall. stage directions fluid before gone she appears refers to how CJS need to work together + humour
    • Scene 6 further sympathy honourable. something must be dones = change Hare essential. Gerard changed no talk clothes fitting. common ground. CJS cant be too tough 'stuf' bending rules ok in some situations
      • prison not kuje holiday camp '**** packages' 22 hours no reality animals = strangeways. Injustice gerad defended fam. Hero
      • Lighting makes it seem intimidating irony 'trust me solicitor' metaphor wave dialogue intimacy contrast coldness prison
    • Scene 7 barry 'flying squad' serious crime. asks quiet why if done nothing. merge Irina 'friend' barry starring guilt? jimmy 'host'. Irina smart usung femine to get way 'bare arms' woody secret
      • injustice party + prison. Sexism Irina feels use her assets get right secret. power lavish lifestyle
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