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Eleanor Marshall

How are disguise and deception used for effect in act 2?

In this essay I will be evaluating the use of deception in act 2, and how the
juxtaposition of malignant and benign deception affects the audience's reaction to
the act.

In act 2 scene 1, a masked…

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Eleanor Marshall

mind a seed of doubt about his character, and makes us wonder how noble and
chivalric he truly is.
The juxtaposition of the benevolent deceits, followed by Don John's malevolent
deceit succeeds in amplifying its effectiveness. While the benevolent deceits are
playful and cheery, the malevolent deceit is…

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Eleanor Marshall

compare and contrast the different tricks. It also helps build the audiences opinions
of the characters, and allows us to recognize the different personalities of each one.
For instance, Antonio is shown to be a lively, funny man, while Don John's suspected
darkness and stereotypical villainous tendencies are…


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