Minor Figures in Tsarist Russia

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Who was Dmitrii Tolstoy?
Minister of Public Instruction 1882-1889
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Who was Caterina Dolgorukov?
Alexander II's long-term mistress
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What is a morganatic marriage and who formed one of these?
A marriage between royalty and non-royalty (Alexander II and Caterina Dolgorukov in 1880)
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Who was Mikhail von Reutern?
Minister of Finance 1862-1868
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Who was Komissarov?
peasant who saved Alexander II from assassination in 1866
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Who was Karakozov?
son of a noble who attempted to assassinate Alexander in 1866
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Who wrote 'What is to be Done?' and when?
Chernyshevsky in 1864
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Who was Golovnin?
Minister of Education 1862-1867
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Who was Pahlen?
Minister of Justice from 1867 (first minister of Justice to hold a law degree)
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Who was Zamyatnin?
Minister of Justice 1862-1867
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Who was Dmitrii Milyutin?
Minister of War 1861-1881
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Who was Nicholas Alexander Milyutin?
Minister of Internal Affairs until 1861
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Who was Vera Zasulich and what did she do?
member of Land and Liberty, shot and wounded Trepov (Governor of St Petersburg) in 1877
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Who was Timashev?
Minister of Internal Affairs 1868-1878
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Who was Shuvalov?
Head of the Third Section 1866-1872
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What did Shuvalov do for the army?
reduced military service from 15 years to 6 in 1874
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Who was Alexandra Feodorovna?
Nicholas II's wife
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Who was Maria Feodorovna?
Alexander III's wife
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Who was Maria Alexandrovna?
Alexander II's first wife
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Who was Caterina Dolgorukov?


Alexander II's long-term mistress

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What is a morganatic marriage and who formed one of these?


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Who was Mikhail von Reutern?


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Who was Komissarov?


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