Milgram- Findings/ Methodology

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Before the study began what percentage of pps did 14 psychology students estimate would give 450 volts to 'learners'?
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Percentage of pps that administered the full 450 volts. (26 pps)
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Percentage of pps that defied the experimenter and stopped before 450 volts. (14 pps)
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Withdrew at 300 volts
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4 pps
Withdrew at 315 volts
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2 pps
Withdrew at 330 volts
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1 pp
Withdrew at 345 volts, 360 volts and 375 volts
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What were some signs of extreme tension that many pps showed?
eg. nervous laughter, sweating, trembling, lip biting and digging nails into their flesh.
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3 pps
Number of pps that had uncontrollable seizures.
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What did Milgram find when he carried out debriefs after the research?
1) The pps felt extreamly stressed and anxious during the research. 2) On a 14 point scale pps' modal answer to the question "How painful do you think the shocks were?" was 14 (when 14 was 'extremely painful').
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:-) Standardised procedures- same advert, told same things ($4.50, shocks), all given same sample shock (45V), shock generator, after 315 volts 'learner' always went quiet.
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External Validity
:-( Under tightly controlled conditions so does not represent real life well. Lacks mundane realism as would not normally have to give pps electric shocks or complete an experiment about memory, learning and punnishment.
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:-( Population bias as only male, volunteer sample, one newspaper (New Haven News). :-) Age range (20-50), range of different jobs (postal clerks to engineers), range of education (low level to a doctorate)
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:-) Quantitative- 65% went to 450V, 35% stopped before 450V, 5pps withdrew at 300V, 1pp withdrew at 345V. :-) Qualitative- the pps felt extreamly stressed during research, many pps showed signs of extreme tension (laughing, sweating, lip biting).
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:-( pps were debriefed, in a 'state of well-being' before they left. :-( Many pps showed signs of extreme tension and 3 pps had uncontrollable seizures. The pps reported that they felt extremely stressed during study. Sample shock.
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Percentage of pps that administered the full 450 volts. (26 pps)

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