evaluating approaches


Social approach

+ helps us understand how we behave in groups and how influential individuals can affect us, e.g. Milgram, Reicher & Haslam

+ uses a variety of methodology, therefore qual and quant data, deeper understanding of how social situations affect us, e.g Milgram 

+ use of field experiments give findings high EV, and also provide situational explinations for behaviours, e.g. Piliavin

- does not recognise role of free will and assumes social setting influences behaviour, e.g. Milgram 

- tries to explain how our environment affects our behaviour but many studies lack EV, unusual situations, e.g. Milgram, Reicher & Haslam

- to overcome low EV, use field experiments, however this makes collecting data less reliable as researchers may miss some behaviour, e.g. Piliavin  

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