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2. Who was always the teacher?

  • The participant
  • The stooge

3. What was the name of the stooge?

  • Mr Sherif
  • Mr Slater
  • Mr Wallace
  • Mr Milgram

4. How much did each shock go up by?

  • 5 volts
  • 15 volts
  • 10 volts
  • 20 volts

5. What was the aim of the study

  • To see whether nurses would obey a doctor if it involved breaching hospital regulations and endangered the life of a patient
  • To investigate destructive obedience in an everyday situation
  • To see how obedient people would be in a situation where following orders would mean breaking their moral code and harming another person
  • To see how the rate of obedience would be affected by the participant witnessing a rebellious or obedient stooge


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