Comparisons between Milgram (1963) and Meeus and Raaijimakers (1986)

The similarities and differences between Milgram and Meeus and Raaijmakers' studies of obedience.

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  • Comparing Milgram (1963) and Meeus and Raaijimakers (1986)
    • Were both studies of obedience.
    • M+R had higher ecological validity.
      • M+R can be applied to real life situations.
    • M+R used psychological harm. Milgram used physiological.
    • Both used standardised procedures.
      • Both replicable.
    • Both used volunteer samples of male participants.
      • Findings lack generalisability.
    • M+R took place in Holland in the 1980s while Milgram took place in America in the 1960s.
    • Both studies support Agency Theory (Milgram 1974)
    • Verbal prods were applied by the experimenter in both studies.


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