Mass Media: Cultural Effects Theory: GUMG

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1. Who stated that the popular press support the common sense view of the world that helps to maintain and justify existing inequalities?

  • Curran
  • Philo
  • GUMG
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2. What did the GUMG study?

  • Afro Caribbean males
  • Miner's strike
  • Immigrants

3. The GUMG uncovered the following (all correct)

  • sample quickly recognised the ideological messages contained in photos that the strike was violent and miners were to blame
  • however, some members of the audience rejected the ideological message although these tended to be in the minority
  • people sympathetic to miners cause were weakened in their support by what they saw on the news
  • majority of sample who had not directly experienced the strike interpreted it as violent and illegitimate

4. Who stated that the Cultural Effects Model needs to be dynamic and account for the fact that people may internalise/reject media messages based on their personal experiences?

  • Philo
  • Curran
  • GUMG

5. The 5 common sense ideas conveyed by tabloids according to Curran (all correct)

  • Happiness is about possessions and money
  • Being a celebrity is really important
  • Most asylum seekers are just illegal immigrants
  • You must look like the models in magazines
  • Black people are potential criminals


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