Mass Media: Cultural Effects Theory: GUMG

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1. The GUMG uncovered the following (all correct)

  • however, some members of the audience rejected the ideological message although these tended to be in the minority
  • sample quickly recognised the ideological messages contained in photos that the strike was violent and miners were to blame
  • majority of sample who had not directly experienced the strike interpreted it as violent and illegitimate
  • people sympathetic to miners cause were weakened in their support by what they saw on the news
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2. What did the GUMG study?

  • Miner's strike
  • Immigrants
  • Afro Caribbean males

3. Where did Curran state that it was most obvious that popular tabloid newspapers were guilty of ideological practices?

  • coverage of entertainment issues
  • coverage of serious issues
  • coverage of everything

4. Who noted that the audience had no direct experience/knowledge of an issue then the ideological power of the media message will be strong and likely to shape an individuals view of the social world?

  • Philo
  • GUMG
  • Curran

5. Who did Curran was believe was guilty of ideological practices?

  • popular tabloid newspapers
  • popular broadsheet newspapers
  • the news


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