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Mass Media
brainwashing the media provide the groups in society.
public. Media owners public with They have the
are rich and ideological views and freedom of choice, if
successful people information that they did not like the
who benefit supports the output of the media
considerably from capitalist system. they would not buy or
capitalism and They don't believe watch it.…read more

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Mass Media
Media conglomerate ­ organisation that owns large numbers of companies in various
mass media such as television, radio, publishing and film.
Vertical integration ­ when a media company controls every stage of media production,
e.g.…read more

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Mass Media
Digital technology has enabled the convergence of separate communications
technology, allowing companies to diversity into a much wider range of products and
marks. The merger of Time Warner and AOL is an example of this, by merging with
AOL, Time Warner gained the crucial internet link to help it become and remain one of
the most powerful media corporations in the world.
The move towards media integration is called synergy.…read more

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Mass Media
Mass culture ­ contemporary culture as the production of capitalism mass production
and the mass media
Popular culture ­ the view that contemporary culture is the product of interaction
between mass culture and other cultural forms such as high culture and folk culture
Globalisation ­ increased world interconnectedness through the flow of nations, people,
ideas, technology and culture in general
Cultural imperialism ­ when the cultural output of one region dominates the cultural
output of the other regions, especially the aggressive promotion of…read more

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Mass Media
TV has also produced a range of inspiring and educational dramas and factual
The internet and related technologies have enabled people to produce their own culture
in the form of blogs, websites and films.
Mass culture theorists see today's culture as very much the product of big business and
the media. It is consumed by the masses in a passive and uncritical manner.…read more

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Mass Media
The theory of cultural imperialism argues that the global economic system is dominated
by transnational companies that are based in the rich capitalist countries of the world.
Sawen estimates that the richest 200 capitalist corporations control half of all world
economic activity. Not only are they the richest and most powerful of these
organisations but they are also the dominant force in distribution of information and
Nine of the top 10 media companies are based in the US.…read more

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Mass Media
News and current affairs key words
Dumbing down ­ the idea that news has become more populist and more sensational,
less intelligent and less informative
Narrative ­ the idea that news stories have a beginning, middle and an end, journalists
and editors try to fit stories into this structure
News management ­ the way that governments and other try to manipulate the
presentation of news to show themselves in a favourable light
News diary ­ a journalist's planner of…read more

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