Manchuria and Abyssinia

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1. What did Japan and the Usa have in common?

  • Both wanted to seek revenge in China.
  • Both economically boomed and then crashed.
  • Both were part of the League.
  • Both supported Hitler.
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2. As a result of Lyttons report, what did the League do about Japan?

  • Imposed economic sanctions which failed.
  • Nothing.
  • Moral Condemnation (telling off) which was ignored.
  • Fought Japan.

3. Which of these caused Japan to consider invading China?

  • Lack of armed forces.
  • China had stolen goods.
  • Japan's economy crashed + Overpopulation.
  • Lack of food.

4. Why did Japan invade Manchuria?

  • For more space and natural resources.
  • To build an empire.
  • For fun.
  • To get revenge.

5. The League now looked weak, this resulted in what?

  • Many countries left the League.
  • The League closed down.
  • Greedy leaders started to act aggressively because they knew they could get away with it.
  • The League changed to the United Nations.


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