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2. What did Japan and the Usa have in common?

  • Both economically boomed and then crashed.
  • Both were part of the League.
  • Both wanted to seek revenge in China.
  • Both supported Hitler.

3. How did Japan react to the League's reaction?

  • They invaded a different part of China.
  • They ignored the League.
  • They left the League.
  • They stopped invading Manchuria.

4. Describe Moral Condemnation in terms of the League?

  • Labeling states as wrong/aggressive.
  • Imposing Economic Sanctions to states.
  • Backing down from countries.
  • Standing up to countries.

5. How did Manchuria react to being invaded?

  • They fought back.
  • They appealed to the League.
  • They ignored it.
  • They asked the USA for help.


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