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2. Why did Japan invade Manchuria?

  • For more space and natural resources.
  • To build an empire.
  • For fun.
  • To get revenge.

3. What was Japan's excuse for invading Manchuria?

  • Japan bombed the South Manchurian Railway then claimed China sabotaged it instead.
  • To help the Laegue.
  • Manchuria had previously defeated Japan.
  • China destroyed the South Manchurian Railway so this aggravated Japan.

4. How did countries get around economic sanctions?

  • They traded with the USA instead!
  • They traded with the League!
  • They ignored them!
  • They bribed the League!

5. What did Japan and the Usa have in common?

  • Both wanted to seek revenge in China.
  • Both economically boomed and then crashed.
  • Both were part of the League.
  • Both supported Hitler.


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