ManagmenT roles & responsabiliTies

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1. Which description best describes Interpersonal skills?

  • a marketing manager needs the skills to design an advertising campaign, statistical analysis, analytical ability and problem solving.
  • Managers that don't motivate others and aren't comfortable in the company.
  • managers with effective interpersonal skills can motivate others and can co-ordinate the work of their employees. Managers need to be comfortable in the company of diverse groups.
  • argue points and persuade people of their point of view, listening, written skills. One criticism of UK managers is that few speak a second language.
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2. which of these is not a skill of a manager?

  • good mechanic
  • good a computer hacking
  • where are we going
  • communication skills

3. why must the manager be approchable?

  • to listen
  • to get feedback from ideas
  • to make people happy
  • to be nice

4. Why must a manager have technical skills

  • play games
  • download films
  • statistical analysis
  • type things

5. 'Setting achievable targets, planning workload, time management, creating effective teams'. Which key managmnet skill is this?

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Technical SKills
  • Organisational Skills
  • Communication Skills


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