Learning to be Happy 1

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1. Why is optimism adaptive?

  • All three answers
  • Belief that 'all will be well' in the face of challange
  • Willingness to 'have a go' against the odds
  • 'Never know unless you try'
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2. What is the correlation between well-being and pleasure?

  • r=0.5
  • r=1
  • r=0.7
  • r=0.1

3. What are the two types of happiness?

  • Pleasure and Well-being
  • Displeasure and sadness
  • Pleasure and complacenty
  • Comfort and well-being

4. What is good about optimism?

  • Reduces depression
  • It is motivating and leads to behaviour
  • Makes the person hopeful
  • Makes the person happier

5. What does optimism encourage?

  • All four answers
  • Gives hope for a positive future
  • Positive coping strategies in the face of negative events
  • Facing challenges to improve life (or survive)
  • Reinterpretation of negative events in positive light


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