Poetry Anthology Edexcel - Section C - All Poems

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Prayer Before Birth

Half-Past Two


Hide and Seek

Sonnet 116

La Belle Dame Sans Mercy

Poem at Thirty – Nine

Telephone Conversation




‘I am not yet born’ – The baby is on his/her own, within the mother’s womb

His teacher forgot that he couldn’t tell the time – ‘Being cross, she’d forgotten’

‘Softly in the dusk, a women is singing to me’ – Talking about his dead wife




‘How I miss my father, I wish he had not been so tired, when I was born’




Growing Up


Childlike language devices – ‘Thither or hither and thither’

Childlike language devices e.g. – ‘timeyouwereofftime’

‘The glamour of my childish days is upon me’

‘Call out, call loud, I’m ready! Come and find me!’

‘It is the start, to every wandering bark’ - Alliteration

‘She looked at me as she did not love, and made sweet moan.’ – Having Sex

‘And event at high school, had a savings account’ - Childhood





‘If you can wait, and not be tired of waiting’ – Coming across as a know it all/ a righteous saint

‘I fear that the human race may with tall walls, wall me.’



‘Prowling’ – To break something down with brute force




‘ARE YOU LIGHT, OR VERY DARK?’ Questioning, about the colour of someone’s skin




‘I am not yet born’ – The baby is on his/her own, within the mother’s womb

Was left out as he didn’t know how to tell the time – ‘So he waited, beyond onceupona’

‘So now it is vain for the singer to burst in to clamour’ – A painful experience


‘I never writ, nor no man ever loved’

‘And that is why


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