Key Words - Germany - Post 1945

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What does FRG stand for?
Federal Republic of Germany
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What does GDR stand for?
German Democratic Republic
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What was the Stasi?
East German Ministry of Security
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Define communism.
A system where communal ownership is favoured.
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What is a democracy?
A government formed by the people by vote.
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Who was Harry Truman?
American President who took over from Roosevelt in 1944-53.
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Who was Clement Atlee?
British Labour Prime Minister from 1945
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Who was Josef Stalin?
Leader of Soviet Russia, 1928-53
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What does NATO stand for and what was it?
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. A military alliance set up for the West
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What was the Warsaw Pact?
A Military Alliance of Eastern Europe
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Define demilitarisation.
Removal of all forms of military.
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Who was Karl Marx?
German philosopher and founder of ideas of communism.
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Who was Vladimir Lenin?
Russian revolutionary leader from 1917.
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What were the Nuremburg Trials?
Military court set up by the Allies to punish Nazi war crimes.
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Define internment.
Imprisoning or confinement of people without trial.
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What was Fragebogen?
A questionnaire given to Germans to determine their backgrounds.
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What were Percil certificates?
Assurances given that people were cleansed of Nazism.
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What were Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen?
Concentration camps used after the war for East German prisoners.
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What is monopoly capitalism?
Final stages of capitalism according to Marxists.
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What were Bizonia and Trizonia?
The merging of administrative areas. Bizonia = America and Britain. Trizonia = America, Britain and France
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What was the Truman Doctrine?
Support given to governments fighting against communism
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What was the Marshall Plan?
Economic aid given to European countries.
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What was the Berlin Airlift?
Aid flown into Berlin as all routes were blocked off by Stalin.
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What was the Deutschmark?
New German currency introduced in 1948.
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What does GDR stand for?


German Democratic Republic

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What was the Stasi?


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Define communism.


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