Key Physics Equations

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Speed (m/s)
Distance (m) / Time (s)
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Acceleration (m/s2)
Change in Velocity (m/s) / Time (s)
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Force (N)
Mass (kg) x Acceleration (m/s2)
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Weight (N)
Mass (kg) x Gravitational Field Strength (10N/kg)
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Moment (kgm/s)
Mass (kg) x Velocity (m/s)
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Kinetic Energy (J)
1/2 x Mass (kg) x Velocity (m/s) Squared
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Gravitational Potential Energy (J)
Mass (kg) x Height (m) x Gravitational Field Strength (10N/kg)
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Useful Energy Output (J) / Total Energy Input (J)
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Work Done (J)
Force (N) x Distance (m)
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Density (kg/m3)
Mass (kg) / Volume (m3)
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Wave Speed (m/s)
Frequency (Hz) x Wavelength (m)
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Refractive Index - symbol n
Sin(incidence) / Sin(refraction)
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Sin(Critical Angle)
1 / Refractive Index
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Power (W)
Current (A) x Voltage (V)
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Charge (C)
Current (A) x Time (s)
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Voltage (V)
Current (A) x Resistance (Symbol for Ohms)
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Moment (Nm)
Force (N) x Perpendicular Distance to Pivot (m)
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Pressure (Pa)
Force (N) / Area (m2)
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Acceleration (m/s2)


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Force (N)


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Weight (N)


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Moment (kgm/s)


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I think slide 5 should say momentum and not moment correct me if I'm wrong

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