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Distance time graphs
o The gradient is the speed
o Speed = Distance / Time
o Set up a track time how long it takes for different objects to travel
that distance and plot on a graph
o Acceleration = Change in velocity / time taken
Velocity Time graphs
o Distance = area under graph
o Acceleration = gradient
o Constant speed is a straight flat line
o Doesn't show direction
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Effects of forces
o Speed
When an object is stationary there are equal forces
acting upon it
When it is accelerating then the forward force is
greater than the backward force
When it is travelling at a constant speed all the forces
are again equal even though it is moving
When it is decelerating then the backwards force is
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Resultant force
o This can be found by combining vectors
o Pick a direction as the positive then any other forces
going in the opposite direction are taken away from
this value
o Force = mass x acceleration
Weight = mass x g
Terminal Velocity
o At the start weight acts downwards with small air resistance acting
o This means they will accelerate downwards
o As speed increases so does air resistance until it balances the
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o Momentum = force x velocity
o Momentum before an event = total momentum after if NO external forces
Force = Change in Momentum / Time Taken
o Safety features
In a crash crumples zones on cars and air bags increase the time
crashing meaning that there is less force to reach the same
Seatbelts allow you to move forward which also increases time
Newtons 3rd law
o For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
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o On earth gravity is 10
o Gravity is different on the moon because earth has a greater mass so
has a higher gravitational field strength
Comets moons and planets
o Gravity causes planets and moons to orbit
It is a balance of the forward motion and the forces pulling
them in
o Comets, moons and planets
Comets have an elongated orbit
Planets and moons have regular elliptical orbits
Planets orbit a star and moons orbit planets
Orbital Speed
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