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  • Physics
    • Electricity
      • Mains Electricity
        • I't the electricity that is supplied to our homes
          • It Powers:
            • Lights
            • Computers
            • Kettles
            • Electric Heaters
            • The Mains Sockets they  power:
              • Phone chargers
              • Laptops
              • Vacumes
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          • It is supplied by underground cables
            • It will then go in to an electricity meter Which measures the amount of electricity used
              • It then goes into a consumer unit or fuse box
                • The fuse box is a key peace of electrical equipment
                  • If the current is to large for what ever reason then the fuse will break Saving all your electrical goods
                    • This works because when electricity has a high current it get's quite hot so if you get the type and thickness of wire correct it will melt when the current gets to high breaking the circuit
              • All Electrics are wired in a certain way In England
                • It has a live wire which carries the current and this wire is the one with the fuse attached
                • It has a neutral wire which the current exits through (to complete a circuit)
                • How ever in England we have a Earth wire which is a safety feature
                  • If an appliance has a metal casing then an earth wire is needed to stop someone dying in a fault
                    • If the live wire touches the metal casing then a person does they will get a SHOCK
                      • When the live wire touches the casing then the current will flow down the low resistance Earth wire increasing the current and so melting the fuse
              • The Electricity leaves the fuse box and ends up in the ring circuit
                • The ring circuit is where we can access the electricity from through the mains
    • Heat
      • Heat Loss
        • Heat can be lost by evaporation
          • Evaporation is when the hot or vibrating molecules evaporate off meaning that there aren't any hot molecules left  just the slow vibrating cold ones


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