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Physics Waves
Quick Reference
Created by: Asser Ayman
This is a quick reference notes of waves to those who
don't have time to waste however, these notes doesn't
mean neglecting of other official ones

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Luminous sources: Are objects that can create their own light

Note: all electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed in vacuum

Ray: Is a narrow beam of light

Types of rays
Parallel Converging Diverging

Shadows: occur when some light rays travel in a straight line while others are blocked…

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2. (if light goes from rarer to denser medium)

3. (if light goes from denser to rarer medium)

Total internal reflection: when there are no light rays that refract and all of them get
reflected within the medium.

Critical angle: is an angle of incidence in the denser medium were…

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Note: monochromatic light refracts at the two surfaces of a prism while normal light refracts only at
the second surface of the prism.

Lenses: are glass mediums that bend light and form images.

Types of lenses:

Convex lenses: is thickest at the middle and thinner round the edges. When rays…

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Convex ray diagrams:

Created by: Asser Ayman [email protected]

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Calculating magnification:

Types of waves: 1.longitudinal, 2.Transverse

Longitudinal wave: the wave energy travels parallel to the direction of vibration.

Transversal wave: the wave energy travels perpendicular to the direction of vibration.

Describing waves:

the speed of the wave measured in m/s
The number of waves passing any points each in…

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Electromagnetic spectrum: The full range of electromagnetic waves.

Uses of electromagnetic spectrum:

X-Rays = used in medicine and detective work.
Ultraviolet = used in fluoresce science and washing powder
Infrared = taking satellite photos
Microwaves = often used to cook food

Sound waves: are longitudinal waves

Necessary things needed for…

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Created by: Asser Ayman [email protected]


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