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Define Wavelength
The distance between one peak of a wave to the next peak of the corresponding wave.
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Define Fetch
The distance a wave travels before it reaches the shore.
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Define Swash
The layer of water that washes up onto a beach once a wave has broken.
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Define Backwash
Th e water that runs back down a beach after the swash.
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Define Wave Frequency
How often per minute waves break onto the shore.
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Define Attrition
When rocks crash into each other causing them to be worn down, into smaller and more rounder pieces
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Define Abrasion
This is when sand, shingle and boulders are hurled against a cliff, causing it to war away the cliff.
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Define Solution
This is the dissolving of calcium-based rocks by the chemicals in the sea water and the evaporation of salts from water in the rocks.
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Define Weathering
The wearing away of the rocks by weather, this can happen anywhere not just at the coast.
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Define Mass Movement
The movement of material down a slope by the force of gravity.
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What is Succession?
The changing structure of a plant community over time.
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What is Zonation?
This refers to the way in which ecosystems develop to cover an area of ground.
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What is Glacial Till
Deposition left from glaciers and is not solid rock.
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What is Eustatic Change in sea levels?
The global change in sea levels.
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What is Isostatic Change?
This the land in a certain area changing height, therefore sea levels change. however it is only a local change.
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Define Sustainability
Meeting the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs.
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Define Fetch


The distance a wave travels before it reaches the shore.

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Define Swash


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Define Backwash


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