Energy Issues

energy issues key words

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Key Words

sustainable developement = development that meets the needs of the present generation without affecting the future

fossil fuels = oil, gas and coal fomed by plant and animal remains

primary energy = energy sources in raw from such as oil, gas or running water

secondary energy = manufactured sources of power such as electricity

geopolitics = the study of the relationship between a country and the rest of the world

transnational corportations = large companies that operate in more that one country

greenhouse effect = the way tha the atmosphere absorbs long wave radiation from the earth and is warmed/

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key words

non renewable resources = finite resources , oil gas and coal

renewable resources = natural rate of production, wave, tida, solar, geothermal

nuclear fission = splitting of the heavy elements in the a lighter elements, reaction set of by a random capture of a neuron in a nuclear power station

acid rain = sulphur dioxide in the atmoshphere is a pollutant that mixes with precipitation making the rain acidic which causes damage the plants and animals

biomass energy = living plants and decaying vegetables

solar power = energy from the sun as incoming radiation, some energy is lossed when it passes throught the atmosphere

wind energy = energy  generated by wind turbins, pollutant free and dosnt contribute to global warming

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key words

tidal energy = renewable source that used the movement of the tides to create power

appropiate technology = technical expertise and equipment used to the economica and technical levels of development

energy conservation = variety of methods by which the use of all types of energy is reduced.

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