GEOG1 - Rivers - 3 - The Flood Hydrograph

The third in a series of revision resources I have created for the AQA unit 1 exam (Physical and Human Geography) I have currently made these for the whole of the rivers module, please comment if you would like to see the same for population etc. Hope this is of help to everyone, good luck in the exam.

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Rhys Wall
Key Word Definition
A Peak The point at which precipitation in the highest during the rainfall event.
B Lag Time The length of time between peak rainfall and peak discharge. A longer lag time means that water takes longer
to reach the river in the drainage basin system, for example, due to the antecedent moisture increasing the
rate of infiltration, increasing throughflow and groundwater flow which slows the movement of water to the
river channel.
C Rising Limb The time when river discharge is increasing.
D Peak Discharge The point at which river discharge is at its highest.
E Falling Limb The time when the river discharge is decreasing.
F Bank Full The discharge level whereby the river is totally full to its banks. Any higher discharge level would result in a
Capacity flood.
G Baseflow The normal capacity of the river when there is no particular hydrological event.


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