IT GCSE - Unit 1.1 Revision (Living in a Digital World)

This is revision material for the IT GCSE Unit 1 exam coming up this spring, its been organised into this first sub-category, for the rest check out my other resources.

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1. What does POP3 email require you to do?

  • Download your inbox to your computer.
  • Create new emails via your phone.
  • Create emails using new software.
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2. What can a smartphone do?

  • The same as regular phone.
  • Take pictures, use GPS and connect to 3G signal.
  • All the features of a computer.

3. What is spyware?

  • A program or file that infects your computer and stores information about your personal details.
  • A program that steals your bank details.
  • A program or file that infects your computer to delete your files.

4. What does Bluetooth do?

  • Creates a large area of signal for people to call their friends.
  • Creates a small area of signal around the carrier for people to trade files.
  • Creates a small frequency for people to send messages on.

5. Which things should you keep in mind when buying a computer?

  • USB ports, HDD size, colour.
  • RAM, Graphics card, CPU
  • RAM, size of computer, if it's future proof.


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