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What is utility software?
Used to manage system resources.
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What are disk utilities?
Designed to maintain the performance of a computers disk drive.
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What is a file compressor?
Compresses files to reduce their size and decompresses them for later access.
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What is a backup utility?
Backup utilities allow you to automate backup processes.
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What is a disk defragmenter?
Reorganises the data for quicker access, but is only required on a HDD when using Windows file system.
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What are network utilities?
Designed to maintain good network traffic and keep networks secure.
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What is a firewall?
Prevent unauthorised access by monitoring and blocking suspicious traffic
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What is anti-virus utility?
Prevents computers from receiving viruses and detects and removes viruses that have already infected the system.
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What does traceroute software allow users to do?
Display the path that data packets travel over an IP network to help diagnose problems.
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What is a registry cleaner utility?
Designed for Windows systems in order to remove old, redundant registry entries.
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What are system profilers utilities?
Displays a detailed breakdown of the system, including hardware and software. Helps with deciding where a system needs upgrading and diagnosing problems with the system.
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What are some examples of image file types?
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What are some examples of application software file types?
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What are some examples of video file types?
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What is a GIF file type?
Small file size, but low quality due to limited number of colours. Can display basic transparency and animation.
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What is a JPG file type?
Good compression, although compression is lossy so files cannot be decompressed.
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What is BMB file?
Uncompressed file format so image quality is extremely high but file size is very large.
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What does RTF stand for?
Rich text format
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What are DOC and RTF files commonly used for?
For documents created using word processing software.
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What is a PDF file?
A format that represents data independently of the originating software and/or hardware.
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What is an XLS file?
A common format for files created using spreadsheet software.
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What is an AVI file?
Uncompressed file so is very high quality but very large file size.
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What is an MP4 file?
Supports high quality videos while still compressing file size.
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Why are MP4 files good?
Compatible on a wide variety of devices and software.
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What is a video file type which is good for streaming purposes?
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What is application software?
Allows end users to complete tasks, such as creating a report or a presentation
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What are the three main uses of application software?
Productivity, Graphics and Communications software.
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What is productivity software?
Used in office environments to support business tasks and improve efficiency.
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Give some examples of productivity software?
Word processors, desktop publishers, spreadsheets.
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What is graphics software?
Applications used to edit photos or create original artwork.
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What is communications software?
Apps that make communicating quicker and easier.
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What are some examples of communication software?
IM, Email and VOIP software.
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What is proprietary software?
Software which is privately owned by the software company and to use it you must pay.
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What is open source software?
Software which is available to everyone and doesn't usually cost.
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What are advantages of proprietary software?
+Support (direct help line, email, setup/troubleshooting help), +Likely to have more features, +Branded+paid for so will most likely be to a high standard.
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What are disadvantages of proprietary software?
Software company may be slow to provide updates and bug fixes. Can't customise the software, Costs to use.
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What are the advantages of open source software?
Free, can customise the software, fixes to the software may be provided by others, usually compatible with other proprietary utility software
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What are the disadvantages of open source software?
Support may be limited and not efficient response times, Indirect costs due to training on how to use etc, people may corrupt it with viruses etc.
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What are some factors when choosing software?
Ease of use, Reliability (does it work as intended/advertised), Capability (do the job you want it to do + effectively).
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What should users consider when looking at the performance of the software?
Maturity of the software (new software may be liable to new bugs and viruses), Interoperability (interface with other devices or systems), Support of dedicated hardware for complex tasks.
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What are disk utilities?


Designed to maintain the performance of a computers disk drive.

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What is a file compressor?


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What is a backup utility?


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What is a disk defragmenter?


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