Henry VIII Facts Revision

What did the Order for Preachers aim to prevent?
Priests discussing controversial ideas
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Which English Bible did Cromwell bring into circulation?
The Matthew Bible
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What survey/audit did Cromwell instigate to provide more finances for the King from the monasteries?
Valor Ecclesiasticus
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What year were the Ten Articles brought in?
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In which was Prince Edward born?
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Which Pope excommunicated Henry VIII in 1538?
Pope Paul III
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Which set of Articles were passed in 1539?
Six Articles
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Name a bishop who resigned after the Six Articles were brought in?
Bishop Latimer of Worcester/
Bishop Shaxton of Salisbury
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Who was Henry's 4th wife?
Anne of Cleves
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What religious denomination was his 4th wife?
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What title was given to Cromwell in April 1540?
Earl of Essex
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Why did the conservative faction at court attack Cromwell?
For protecting heretics at Calais
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When was Cromwell executed?
28 July 1540
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Who was Henry's 5th wife?
Katherine Howard
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Who was the 5th wife's uncle
Duke of Norfolk
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In what year was the 5th wife exectued?
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What was the bond between Scotland and France called?
Auld Alliance
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What was the conflict between Spain and France known as during this period?
Habsburg-Valois war
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Who were the Schmalkaldic league?
Protestant German princes
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Why was John Lambert executed in 1538?
Denying transubstantiation
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Which 3 sacraments were promoted in the Ten Articles?
Baptism, Penance & Eucharist
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What Protestant book was published in 1537?
Bishop Book
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What was the stance over confession in the Six Articles?
Upheld it
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Could priests marry under the Six Articles?
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What was the title of the King's Book?
A Necessary Doctrine and Erudition for Any Christian Man
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Who wrote the Book of Homilies?
Thomas Cranmer
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Who was Henry's 6th wife?
Catherine Parr
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Where did the English fight the Scots in 1542?
Battle of Solway Moss
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Who was Elizabeth Barton?
Nun with prophesies who discouraged Henry from marrying Anne Boleyn or he would
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How was the country to be ruled Edward's minority according to Henry's Last Will and Testament?
Regency Council of 16 men
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What is another word for church year?
Liturgical year
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What benefit would joining a guild give to its members when they joined?
Prayers said after death to shorten time in purgatory
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What is the theory that the substance of the bread and wine changing miraculously into the body and blood of Christ at mass?
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What is another word for going to heaven through good works?
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How many sacraments are promoted by the Roman Catholic Church?
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Alongside the Bible, what other book did most nobility have at home before the Break from Rome?
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What title was given to Cardinal Wolsey by the Pope so that he could act as a papal representative in England?
Legatus a latere
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What was Wolsey's highest position in politics?
Lord Chancellor
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What process did the Pope use to cast someone out of Christendom?
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What were rural monasteries referred to in medieval times?
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What name was used to refer to the followers of John Wycliffe?
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Explain what predestination means?
Everything is controlled by God before it happens - who gets into heaven
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Which English scholar and translator of the bible into English was pursued by agents of Thomas More and burned as a heretic in 1536?
William Tyndale
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An intellectual movement which supported new learning for all?
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A Dutch reformer who wrote a series of discourses on biblical texts?
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Leading theologian and Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in London
John Colet
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Title given to Henry VIII by the Pope for his attack on Martin Luther
Defender of the faith
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Name of Tyndale's 1528 book
The Obedience of a Christian Man
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What was the title of Henry VIII's book to respond to Luther's treaties?
Defence of the Seven Sacraments
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What popular book was written by Chaucer commenting on the selling of indlugences?
The Canterbury Tales
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Name the selling of ecclesiastical titles?
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The promotion of one's family to Church positions
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A complaint that a priest or bishop is not looking after their parish or diocese
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Term for being a cleric in more parish or diocese
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Fee paid to a priest on the burial of a person by relatives
Mortuary fee
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Who wrote A Supplication for the Beggars voicing anticlerical views?
Simon Fish
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Famous case that became the subject of debate in Parliament in 1529, although the person involved was found dead in his cell in 1514
Richard Hunne
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What did 'benefit for the clergy' mean?
Crimes by the clergy could tried in a church court instead of the kings court
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What were 'neck verses'?
Latin verses
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Year of Princess Mary's birth
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Name of the Holy Roman Ambasador
Eustace Chapuys
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Chapter/book used by Henry to support his view that his marriage to Catherine of Aragon was illegitimate
Leviticus & Deuteronomy
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What had been issued by the Pope so that Henry could marry Catherine of Aragon originally?
Papal dispensation
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Who was Catherine of Aragon's influential nephew?
Charles V
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Which Cardinal was sent to London to oversee the legatine court held at Blackfriars?
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Who was Henry VIII's second wife?
Anne Boleyn
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When did the Blackfriars court open?
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When did Wolsey lose his position as Chancellor?
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Name two key supporters of Catherine of Aragon during the annulment
Thomas More & John Fisher
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Who annulled Henry's marriage to Catherine?
Thomas Cranmer
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In what year did the Reformation Parliament open?
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How many years did the Reformation Parliament sit for?
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What was the charge of the Praemunire?
Asking foreign countries for help
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What act was passed against the clergy in 1532?
Submission of the clergy
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What were annates?
Payment to the church
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In what year were Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn married?
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Which King of France did Anne Boleyn support from her marriage to Henry VIII?
Francis I
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In what year was the First Act of Succession passed?
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What year was the Act of Supremacy passed?
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Who was made chancellor in 1529?
Thomas More
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When did Anne Boleyn have her coronation as Queen?
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Why were 5 Carthusian monks executed by Henry VIII?
Refused to swear oath about succession
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What did Catherine of Aragon die?
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When was Princess Elizabeth born?
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Who was Henry's third wife?
Jane Seymour
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What did the Holy Roman Emperor's troops do when they reached Rome?
Sack of Rome/Sacked the city
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Who led the Boleyn faction?
Duke of Norfolk
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Where was the Pope held under house arrest by HRE?
Castel San Angelo
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Decisive battle between French & HRE to free Pope
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Peace Treaty between Pope & HRE
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What two ways did Wolsey try to free the Pope?
Trade Embargo
Financed troops from France
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Treaty between England & France in annulment
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What petition was passed by the House of Commons in 1532?
Supplication Against the Ordinaries
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What was Collectanea Satis Capiosa
Cranmer's collection of documents to say power was usurped by the Pope
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Who was responsible for providing evidence against Anne Boleyn?
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Title given to Cromwell in the church
Vice gerent in matters ecclesiastical
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Which English Bible did Cromwell bring into circulation?


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What survey/audit did Cromwell instigate to provide more finances for the King from the monasteries?


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What year were the Ten Articles brought in?


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