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Name 10 theorists
Bandura, Freud, Eyesenck, Erikson, Cattells, Rogers, Vygostsky, Maslow, Pavlov, Skinner
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What was Rogers defined approach?
Humanist approach
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What was Maslows defined approach?
Psychological approach
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What was Pavlov's defined approach?
Behaviourist approach
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What was Bandura's defined approach?
Behaviourist approach
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What was Eyesenck's defined approach?
Biological approach
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What was Ericson's defined approach?
Psychodynamic approach
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What was Cattell's defined approach?
Humanist approach
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What was Freud's defined approach?
Psychodynamic approach
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How many stages are there in Freud's theory?
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What was Piaget's defined approach?
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What was Tajfel's defined approach?
Social learning approach
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What is the acronym for Freuds 5 stages?
OAPLG; Old Age Pensioners Love Guiness
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What does OAPLG standfor?
Oral, Anal, Phallic, Latency and Genital
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Freud believes people are...
animals- but animals that have learned to adapt their behaviour to the needs of society.
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What are the three levels of Freuds conscience iceberg?
Pre-conscious, Conscious, Unconscious
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What happens if you are fixated on the oral stage?
Become passive, more likely to have habits related to the mouth, i.e. eating or smoking, may become dependent on others and gullible
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What happens if you become fixated on the anal stage?
May become obsessed with cleanliness and hygeine, may be stubborn, may be a hoarder, may also become anal-retentative
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What happens if you become fixated on the Phallic stage?
May become self- obsessed, vein, reckless and obsessed with sexual activities/ intercourse
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What are the 7 ways the ego copes with pressure?
Denial, Repression, Projection, Displacement, Sublimation, Reaction Formation, Rationalism
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What is Denial?
Blocking threatening information or thoughts from awareness
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What is Repression?
Focusing memories from the conscious to the unconscious mind. Repression is a kind of motivated forgetting of unpleasant thoughts or memories.
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What is Rationalism?
Reinterpreting events or memories to make them safer to the ego.
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What is Projection?
Projecting forbidden emotions onto others. For example; What we see in others is sometimes in ourselves.
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What is displacement?
Finding a different outlet for feelings, for example; transferring anger towards a parent to an "outgroup".
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What is Sublimation?
A change of state in the way mental energy is directed, such as; sexual drive is directed away from partners and into activities such as collecting items.
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What is reaction formation?
Changing an emotion into it's over emphasised opposite. Such as; Changing love or hatred into aggressively expressed praise
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Therapists and counsellors try to understand the unconscious mind by...
The ink blot test, exploring dreams and thematic Accerception Test
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What is thematic apperception?
Asking a client to make up a story about a picture
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What is a Freudian Slip?
A psychological error in speaking or writing, it shows evidence of some unconscious urge, desire, or conflict and struggle. It occurs when the ego or superego are not doing their job properly elements of the id slip out or are seen.
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What is ID?
The ID makes “I want” demands and operates on the pleasure principle.
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What is Ego?
This develops as the child starts to take control of their body, it involves all the things the child has learned about how to act in an appropriate way.
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What is your Super Ego?
The Super Ego represents the demands made by society about the way that we behave. It acts as our conscience.
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What was Skinners defined approach?
Behavioral Approach
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