Health and Social care Unit A912

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1. What does 'PIES' stand for?

  • The food PIES
  • Peas in elephants sacks
  • Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social
  • Purple, Indigo, Electrics and Stories
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2. What is the acranim for environmental factors affecting development?

  • BIG
  • BED
  • HAP
  • LEG

3. Define 'Development'

  • The increase in sophistication of and the emergence of skills, abilities and emotions
  • Increase in physical size
  • Growing up
  • Becoming old

4. Give an example of a genetic disorder

  • Tourettes
  • The Flu
  • Eye colour
  • Hair colour

5. Give an example of a life experience

  • Cleaning
  • Getting dressed
  • Marriage
  • Brushing your hair




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