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Unit 4 Notes




Newborn babies are completely dependent on their parents or carers to protect them from
harm, feed them, and make sure they get enough rest and keep warm and clean.


Infants depend on their parents and carers to stimulate them with words, toys and…

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Children continue to develop routines, but need opportunities to meet more people and play and
learn with others, so they feel part of a group.


Adolescents need help to cope as they go through puberty and deal with all changes to their
bodies that this involves. They also…

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Later Adulthood

Many older adults are still fit and healthy, but eventually their bodies start to wear out, so they
may need to be helped with everyday activities: for example, washing, feeding and going to


Older adults need to continue to stimulate their brains, reading books, watching…

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What are the consequences of not implementing care values?
Physical injury
Withdrawal from other people
A feeling of not belonging
Loss of confidence
Stress and poor mental health
A feeling of unworthiness
Depression and anxiety
Anger and Aggression
Fear of others
Lack of security
loss of identity

Policies, procedures and…

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The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has a code of professional conduct (2004) that starts
by saying:

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Social care
The General
Social Care
(GSCC) worked with the other relevant bodies in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to produce a
code of professional conduct (2004) for social care employers and workers, which the Commission for
Social Care Inspection (CSCI) takes into account in their enforcement of care…

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Workbased learning
Workbased learning is when someone learns knowledge and skills in the workplace, rather than in
school or another place of education.

Workbased learning is important throughout your working life. Someone may be working fulltime in a
workplace as an apprentice and be being taught the job as they…

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care, so it is important that practitioners recognise the possibility of social isolation either already
existing or developing and act to prevent or help this.

One group of people this can happen to is people in later adulthood.

Physically, as people get older, their bodies slowly change, so they become…

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A desire to exert power over someone else
Prejudice or discrimination

There are several different forms of abuse:

Physical abuse, when someone is physically assaulted in someway, such as being hit.
Sexual abuse, when someone interferes with a person's body in a sexual and unwanted way.
Verbal abuse, when someone…

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Feeling low

Social and medical models

Medical model
This is a model that was drawn up by ablebodied people who saw the person with the disability
as the problem, and referred to their disability using words such as:
lack or abnormality
a restriction

These are all words that can…




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