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2. Who decided what was to be discussed during the Assembly?

  • The Council of 500
  • The politicians who were chosen to speak
  • The Executive Committee
  • The Citizens who attended on the day

3. Which individual was the leader of the Assembly?

  • Whichever speaker had the most votes at the start of the meeting
  • Whoever arrived at the Pnyx first on the day of the meeting.
  • Whichever chairman whose sitting coincided with the day of the Assembly
  • Whichever citizen had attended the most Assembly meetings in the past year

4. Where did people stand when giving a speech?

  • The Bema
  • In front of the second column
  • The Stage
  • The Orchestra

5. What was the Executive Committee?

  • The Politicians who spoke at the Assembly.
  • An Isolated group separate from the Council of 500
  • Part of the Council of 500
  • The group of slaves that worked in the Assembly


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