Odyssey - Book 11 Summary

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  • Odysseus tells the Phaeacians about going to the Underworld to hear the prophesy of Tiresias. Circe had told him to make a sacrificial offering, which he does when he reaches the place where the sun never shines and has finished pouring libations. The first shade he sees is Elpenor who explains that he was drunk and fell of the roof on Circe’s island. He needs to have his funeral rites performed. Odysseus promises to do so.
  • Only after tasting the blood can Tiresias truthfully reveal what Odysseus must do. He tells Odysseus that when they reach the land of the sun god Helios’ cattle, they must not raid them, but if they do, Odysseus will lose all his companions. He predicts other events all the way to the relatively peaceful death Odysseus will face in old age. Tiresias then explains that Odysseus can talk to the others in the Underworld if they…


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