Book 11 Summary


Book 11 Summary


Action starts with Nestor fleeing on his chariot from the battle with an injured Machaon.

Achilles wants to know who is injured but cannot go and discover the truth himself so asks Patroclus to go and find out who it is.

Homer highlights the importance of thus moment by writing "so that was the beginning of the end". This is foreshadowing.

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Book 11 Summary

Patroclus goes to Nestor to see who is injured. Despite his anxiety to return to Achilles, Patroclus waits and listens to the old man and his complaints.

Nestor tells him all the Greek leaders are either dead or injured. He tries to guilt trip Patroclus by highlighting how Achilles has just sat back and allowed this to happen. He then inspires Patroclus with a longing to fight by recounting his past deeds.

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Book 11 Summary

Nestor gets Patroclus to agree to ask Achilles if he will return or at least gain Achilles permission to return to battle himself. Nestor hopes the reapperance of Achilles will turn the tide of the war.

We find out here that Patroclus is older than Achilles, which is a reversal of the normal relationship in ancient Greece, where the oldest is normally the more dominant.

Nestor could be seen as being devious. He only cares for the Greek cause and doesnt care what happens to Patroclus. He wants Achilles to return by any means.

Before he reaches Achilles he meets Eurypylus. He stops to help the injured Greek and heals his pain, which highlights his kindness.

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