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`Too human to be a hero.' To what extent do you think Odysseus
haves in a heroic manner?

Through the Odyssey, Odysseus displays many of the characteristics that are needed for
someone to be viewed of as a hero in ancient Greece. These include aspects such as having
`super-human' strength…

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In return he was rewarded by the priest with presents such as wine and a silver bowl. To be
god-fearing was expected of everybody in ancient Greece, but to show such extreme piety
was an admirable quality and was viewed of as a heroic mannerism in ancient Greece. This

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human feature to possess. This makes Odysseus appear to human to be classed as a hero in
the ancient Greek sense of the word.

A hero would be expected to wherever possible attempt to save the lives of suffering
humans. During Odysseus' visit to Circe's house, there are many animals…


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