Gods Omniscience

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What does it mean to say God is Omniscient?
God is all knowing. He has unlimited knowledge and is outside of time. He is aware of all that people do and he has complete knowledge.
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How does God know anything?
God is eternal, has self knowledge and God is simple. Aquinas also has a view on this.
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If God is eternal?
Ours and Gods knowledge is not the same. God is outside of time and is non physical . Humans gain knowledge through senses.
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If God is simple?
God doesn't gain new knowledge in the way that humans do.
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If God is omniscient?
He is omniscient because he has perfect knowledge of what has occurred and what is occurring.
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If God has self knowledge?
Creation. God knows himself what he has created.
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If God is all knowing, then he knows what I am going to do. If God is eternal, he knows timelessly what I am going to do BUT If God has knowledge of further actions, do we have free will?
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Who responded to the challenges?
Boethius, Augustine, Aquinas and Kerry
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God knows the future but as a single entity NOT as specific events which happen in a particular order of time.
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He argues that God simply knows our choices but not the future.
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Boethius again?
Says that God knows the result of human free actions. It isn't proper to talk about God having foreknowledge of human actions.
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Birdseye perspective. He takes in all of history as a whole.
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Disagrees with Boethius and Augustine. Events can't be simultaneously present to God as it would mean that as I am writing this Rome is burning as everything is happening at once.
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How many problems are there with the idea of Gods Omniscient?
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Number 1
If Gods knowledge can't be mistaken because God is perfect-he knows what we will do - do we have a moral responsibility and a real choice?
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Number 2
Problem of Evil- why doesn't he prevent evil?
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Number 3
God knows what will happen, is he responsible?
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Number 4
Life after Death- God judges people on their actions in life. If we don't have free will we can't be held morally responsible!
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Why does is matter if God is omniscient?
The main point is free will. 3 main points.
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Number 1
People are responsible for their actions and deliberate omissions if they have free will.
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Number 2
HARD DETERMINISM- people can be held casually responsible but not morally responsible responsible.
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Number 3
If human freedom is defended in a libertarianism sense, how can christians make sense of claims that God is Omniscient.
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How does God know anything?


God is eternal, has self knowledge and God is simple. Aquinas also has a view on this.

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If God is eternal?


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If God is simple?


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If God is omniscient?


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