Attributes of God - Human freewill and God’s omniscience I

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  • Human freewill and God's omniscience
    • Omniscience
      • God knows all that has, is + will happen timelessly
    • Freewill
      • We can choose what we do without restrictions (in our nature) - genuine freedom/libertarianism
      • We could have chosen otherwise
        • Moral responsibility
      • Act freely within our nature - but our nature is determined - SOFT DETERMINISM
    • How have scholars tried to solve the freewill/God's omniscience problem?
      • 'Internal contradiction'
        • If God knows I will do X how can I have freewill?
          • Since I cannot fail to do X!
      • Boethius
        • God's knowledge is not causal of our actions
        • Sees the results of our freedom
        • We are still origination of our choices
        • God's omniscience is complete in that one moment of time
        • Possible evaluation: we still have freewill
      • Geach
      • Kenny
      • Molina
    • See YouTube
      • What is God Like? Crash Course Philosophy #12


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