Globalisation Test

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1. What is the Divergence viewpoint in the Globalisation debate?

  • Higher corporation taxes.
  • Wealth and Equality to all.
  • Reducing working hours.
  • Monetary greed.
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2. Which of the following ISN'T a consequence of Globalisation?

  • Pollution.
  • Good pay in developing countries.
  • Large multinational companies influencing government polices.
  • Poor working conditions.

3. Which phase of Globalisation was between 1900-1930?

  • End of WW2, Rebuilding and the introduction of GATT.
  • ICT, Automation, FDI.
  • Electricity and Steel Production.
  • Rail and Ocean Transport.

4. What does the term 'Sovereignty' mean?

  • The ability for a nation to manages it's own affairs.
  • Another nation managing a nations affairs.
  • The ability for a nation to manage other nations affairs.
  • The inability for nations to manage their affairs.

5. Which countries make up the TRIAD blocks?

  • USA, EU and China
  • USA, EU and Japan
  • NAFTA, EU and the BRIC's
  • China, Japan and the UK


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