Ice Sheet
A body ice with a surface area of over 50,000km squared
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Ice cap
A body ice with a surface area less then 50,000km squared
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A period of ice retreat
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A body ice extending down from an ice cap
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The Glacial Budget
When the amount of snow that fall's during the year is more or less then the amount that melts. The different's between accumulation and ablation is what is know as the glacial budget
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The build up of snow and the glacier grows
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The snow melts and the glacier shrinks
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The general term given to any type of rock material transported and then deposited by the glacier
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Lateral moraines
Freeze thaw on the sides
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Medial moraine
When two glaciers meat the rock is eroded and stuck in the middle
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Ground moraines
Plucking from the bottom of the glacier
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Terminal moraines
Rock is built up at the front of the glacier and transported
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A knife edged ridge often between two corries
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Boulder Clay
The stuff dropped by the ice usually boulders and clay hens the name
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Corrie, AKA Cirque
A deep depression on a hillside with a steep back wall often with a lake in it called a tarn. Only called a corrie after the glacier has gone.
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The start of the glacier and it is only called this then
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egg shaped hill made of bolder clay
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Glacial Trough
A U-shaped valley carved out of a V-shaped stream valley by the movement of a valley glacier, it also has a flat floor and steep sides.
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Hanging Valley
A water fall left high above the main valley
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Truncated Spurs
Truncated spurs are rounded areas of land which have been cut off. They are formed when glaciers move through the main valley and cut off spurs.
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Pyramidal Peak
have a sharp summit and steep slopes on at least three sides.
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Ribbon Lake
A long narrow lake in the floor of the glaciated landscape
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V- Shaped valley
A valley before the glaciation.
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U- Shaped valley
A valley after the glaciation
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A process of erosion where individual rocks are plucked from the valley floor or sides as the water freezes them into the glacier.
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The formation of a corrie
1. Snow accumulates in a hollow and is compressed into ice
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Ice cap


A body ice with a surface area less then 50,000km squared

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The Glacial Budget


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