The UK's Landscape

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  • UK Landscape
    • Upland and lowland areas have different characteristics
    • Upland
      • North and west of UK.
      • Harder rocks, glaciated landscape.
      • Cooler and wetter climate.
      • Steep land, thin soils- too steep for farming equipment and machinery.
      • Sheep farming, quarrying and tourism.
      • Forestry.
    • Lowland
      • South and East of the UK.
      • Softer rocks - chalk, sandstone.
      • Gently rolling hills. Warmer and drier.
      • Quarrying, tourism, dairy and arable farming.
      • Urban areas & Industry.
    • Glaciated Landscapes
      • Down to about where Wales is used to be covered in ice.
      • Carved out valleys- erosion.
      • Deposition of material as ice melted.
      • South of the line divide- glacial meltwater.


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