Ice On The Land

Ice on the land - glacier revision


Where are glaciers found?

- Low latitude and low altitude
- Low latitude and high altitude
- High latitude and low altitude
- High latitude and high altitude

Answer: High latitude and high altitude

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The formation of glaciers and the process by which they shape the landscape around them is called:

- Erosion
- Weathering
- Abrasion
- Glaciation

Answer: Glaciation

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When rocks and stones become frozen to the base and sides of the glacier and are removed from the ground as the glacier moves this is called:

- Erosion
- Transportation
- Plucking
- Abrasion

Answer: Plucking

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When rocks and stones, picked up by the glacier, are rubbed against the bedrock at the bottom and to the side of the glacier, this is called:

- Erosion
- Abrasion
- Deposition
- Plucking

Answer: Abrasion

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When glacial water enters cracks in the rock around it and the temperature changes a continual process weakens the rock. This process is called:

- Freezing
- Thawing
- Freeze-thaw
- Thaw-freeze

Answer: Freez-thaw

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Which of the following is NOT an effect of glaciation on the landscape and the environment?:

- Erosion
- Transportation
- Deposition
- Climate change

Answer: Climate change

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