Unit 1C - Glacial Landscapes in the UK

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. Water in cracks in rock

. Water freezes -> pressure on rock

. Crack widens outwards and/or downwards

. Water thaws -> pressure released

. Repeated process -> rock breaks up

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Rocks trapped and frozen to ground beneath glacier

Glacier moves -> rocks plucked out from ground

Create jagged landscape

Plucked rocks can cause abrasion

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Sand paper effect

Caused by weight of ice scouring floor

Rocks from freeze-thaw and plucking scour valley floor

Ice melts

Visble as large scratches/ marks - STRIATIONS

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Formation of a corrie

Step 1 - Snow collects in hollow and compresses into ice

Step 2 - freeze thaw above galcier

  • plucking steepens backwall
  • abrasion deepens hollow
  • morraine left at end of glacier

Step 3 - jagged summit

  • steep backwall
  • deep rock basin and rock lip
  • scree collects
  • corrie lake (tarn) formed after glacier melts
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Formation of a glaciated valley

Before glaciation - tributory streams

  • main river

During glaciation - glacier errodes valley making it steeper/wider

  • ridges and peaks above ice shattered by freeze-thaw
  • rocks plucked from sides and base of valley used for abrasion

After gaiciation - arête

  • pyramidal peak
  • tarn
  • corrie
  • ribbon lake
  • Glaciated trough/ valley with steep sides and level floor
  • valleys of tributary streams left above valley as hanging valleys
  • interlocking spurs straightened/chopped off leaving truncated spurs
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