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1. ___________ describes the equilibrium state of a single locus in a randomly mating, infinitely large population, free from other evolutionary forces

  • Hardy-Weinburg law
  • Mendelian law
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2. Population genetics studies what happens when the assumptions of the ___________ law are violated, eg how populations evolve at the genetic level

  • Hardy Weinburg
  • Mendelian
  • Haldane

3. ___________ the set of all genes in a population. In a population of N diploid individuals, there are 2N copies of each autosomal gene

  • Family tree
  • Gene pool
  • Species
  • Population

4. Non random mating, mutation, migration and selection all disrupt the allele and genotype frequencies equilibrium in the

  • Hardy Weinburg law
  • Mendel law

5. Non random mating causes deviations from the Hardy Weinberg equilibrium

  • True
  • False


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