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1. What does heterozygous mean?

  • Two different locus on one chromosome
  • Having two different alleles of the same gene.
  • Two different locus are the same.
  • Having two of the same alleles of the same gene.
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2. What are the blood groups?

  • A, B, O, AB, AO, BO
  • A, B, AB
  • A, B, O, AB
  • A, B, C, AB

3. what is a Genotype?

  • The combination of alleles of an organism.
  • A characterization of an organism.
  • A type of gene.
  • A particular point on a chromosome for a gene.

4. What are codominant alleles?

  • Alleles that are different.
  • Pairs of alleles that both affect the phenotype when present in a heterozygote.
  • Pair of alleles that do not affect the phenotype when present in a heterosygote.
  • Alleles that are the same.

5. Are ABO blood groups co-dominant?

  • Yes
  • No


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