Model of Cells - The Basic Units of Life 3.0

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  • Model of Cells - The Basic Units of Life 3.0
    • DNA (Deoxyribonuc-leic Acid)?
      • What is DNA (Deoxyribonuc-leic Acid)?
        • A molecule  made of many nucleotides
      • What do DNA do?
        • Carries genetic information that is important for all cellular functions
          • E.g of cellular function
            • Cell division
            • Cell differentiation
        • Cells would not be able to carry out these functions without DNA
      • Structure of Double Helix
        • Nucleotides are arranged in 2 long strands that form a spiral called Double Helix
    • a) Genes
      • What are Genes?
        • Unit of inheritance
      • What do Genes do?
        • A small segment of DNA in a chromosome where specific  genetic (hereditary) information is stored
        • Genes are specific sequence of nucleuotide bases
        • Each gene contains instructions for a difference in an organism
        • Gene sequences carry the information required for constructing proteins
    • Chromosome
      • What is a Chromosome?
        • Made of
          • Deoxyribonucl-eic acid (DNA)
          • Protein molecules
      • What do Chromosome do?
        • Each chromosome carry many genes along its length
        • Carry genetic information in the form of DNA
        • Contain information which controls everything about an organism
          • E.g of information
            • How each cell in body works
            • How each cell looks like
  • Learn how to S-p-e-l-l
    • De-oxy-rib-on-uc-leic Acid


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